Services overview

The AD Centre was established in 2008 to provide potential stakeholders in the evolving AD industry with technical and non-technical information and support with the overall aim of establishing a robust and fit for purpose AD industry in Wales and the UK.

Since then, our role and the services that we provide have evolved with the changing needs of the AD industry and the broader industrial sector.

The AD Centre undertakes targeted research and development in partnership with or on behalf of industrial stakeholders. The aims of this research and development can be varied, but typically includes:

  • Optimising the efficiency of existing anaerobic digestion or associated processes
  • Diagnosing and solving specific technical challenges with anaerobic digestion facilities
  • Developing new or novel processes or products
  • Integration of anaerobic processes with existing industrial or energy infrastructure

The AD Centre is based in the Sustainable Environment Research Centre at the University of South Wales and builds on a track record of over 40 years of academic knowledge and expertise in anaerobic treatment process.