The AD Centre undertakes targeted research and development in collaboration with industry to improve the efficiency of anaerobic digestion processes and to develop innovative products and processes across the AD and industrial biotechnology sector.

The AD Centre has state of the art equipment and facilities, and is one of the best equipped laboratories in the country that is entirely devoted to developing improved and innovative anaerobic processes and promoting the efficient use of process outputs. This, coupled with over forty years of research and development expertise and a strong industry knowledge, means that the Centre is well placed to support the needs of the growing AD and biogas industry. Our services are tailored to your needs, but typical activities include:

  • Product and Process Proof of Concept Studies
  • Development of novel integration of anaerobic digestion / industrial / renewable energy technologies
  • Digester health checks, monitoring programmes and process optimisation
  • Development of monitoring and control methodologies for AD plants
  • Characterisation of substrates, digester / reactor matrices and digestates
  • Biodegradability testing
  • Pilot scale studies
  • Evaluation of pre-treatment options
  • Monitoring and enrichment of microbial populations
  • Inhibition studies
  • Development of Best Practice Guidance and Documents
  • Life Cycle Assessment of Processes and Products


The Centre is here to help industry access the wealth of academic knowledge and expertise accumulated over the last 40 years of research activity in this field and is continually developing. There are a number of ways to engage with us including:

  • MPhil and PhD Scholarships (18 month - 3 year research programmes)
  • Funded Collaborative R&D Projects (e.g. IUK, EPSRC, BBSRC, H2020)
  • Commercial Consultancy

We've successfully delivered industrially relevant projects ranging in value from a few thousand pounds to millions of pounds. Feel free to Contact us for an informal chat about your requirements.